Printable Food Journal: Free Diary Template to Track Your Meals and Weight Loss

Free Printable Food Journal

Printable food diary: free food and weight loss journal template.

Do you want to double your weight loss? Try logging your meals with the free printable food log template.

Tracking calories is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, according to research.

In fact, there have been studies showing that individuals on the same plan lost twice the amount of weight simply by administering a diet journal.

For that reason alone, you should use the below downloadable food journal or give a digital diary a valid attempt.

Estimating Calorie Intake

Printable Food Diary Estimated Calories Tool

Counting Calories

Counting Calories With Your Printable Food Diary

Although counting the number of calories you consume every day may seem a bit overwhelming, like everything else, getting used to a food diary just takes a little time.

Before you know it, you will see a food and a rough estimate of the calories contained within that food or meal will start to come to you naturally.

The Guidelines

Printable Food Diary Guidelines

1. Print out a minimum of seven journal copies. Seven copies will last you for one week and more may be printed for your convenience. Your goal is to use the planner and diet journal daily.

2. After printing, punch holes and place the journal copies in a three-ring binder.

3. Keep your journal always close by and use it as frequently as possible.

Click here for the free diet diary, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Help Me

Beyond the Printable Food Diary

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