Food Myths: Fact or Fiction? The Truth About Foods for Weight Loss, Debunking Common Misconceptions You Still Think Are True

Food Myths You Think Are True

Food fictions: debunking common myths about weight loss foods that you may still believe to be true.

Below you will find our top five least favorite food fictions.

Raw Horseradish

Food Fictions About Raw Horseradish

First food fiction: horseradish to speed weight loss.

Sure, raw horseradish is high in a variety of nutrients, but I keep finding claim after claim on the internet stating that it has special properties to help aid you in weight loss.

♥ Don't kid yourself or even bother using this food to lose weight quickly. This is surely fiction without any real consistent research backing it up.

Eat Mustard

Mustard to Rapidly Shed Body Fat Food Fictions

Second food fiction: mustard for weight loss.

I must say, it does make it substantially more believable when people reference a "scientific study" even when it's about "mustard research".

♥ Regardless, this theory is flawed from the start for the simple fact that mustard is high in sodium, which causes water retention.

That would equate to the opposite of weight loss, mustard researchers. The only way I see mustard aiding in weight loss is if you consume enough to get sick and it prevents you from binging on that polish sausage dog, you lathered it all over.

Turmeric (Curry)

Turmeric (Curry) Will Make You Lean Food Fictions

Third food fiction: turmeric will make you lean.

That rat is lean and mean.

Turmeric (curry) was shown to reduce belly fat in rats, not humans.

Internet marketers, please stop claiming it's the next magical weight loss ingredient and trying to sell it to me. I'm not a rat and neither are my readers.

Cinnamon and Honey

Cinnamon and Honey to Lose Weight Food Fictions

Third food fiction: how about two pounds every single month just for drinking it?

♥ There are no real conclusive studies that show that these two ingredients can cause natural and simple weight loss.

However, many online marketers pushing related products would like you to think otherwise. Avoid.

Cayenne Powder

Chili Peppers and Cayenne Powder Food Fictions

Fourth food fiction: cayenne for effortless weight loss.

Mix green tea with your Starbucks coffee, but don't stop there, for that real burn, throw in some chili peppers and cayenne powder.

I am trying to be sarcastic here and hope you get my point based on how ridiculous this all sounds.

The sum of these products can cause you to burn a little additional calories (like coffee, for example).

♥ However, your body will quickly adjust to any of the above ingredients in no time via a little thing scientists like to call homeostasis and the benefits won't be substantial enough to truly put a dent in your calories burned anyway.

It's really based on personal preference, but the above stimulants are usually not a worthy effort for most people.

Negative Calorie Foods

Food Fictions About Negative Calorie Foods

Fifth food fiction: losing with negative calorie foods.

Negative calorie foods only exist in "Wonder Wonderland".

I hate to be the bearer of reality for all those that enjoy flying around with Peter Pan on weekends and looking for foods that turn back time and make you slender. But there is no such thing whatsoever.

♥ There is no food that deducts calories for just eating them according to science.

Maybe if you eat enough pickled eggs that you get sick enough to vomit. Would that be considered a negative calorie food?

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