Nutrition Myths

Top five fallacies and myths about diet, weight reduction and nutrition lies debunked by facts.

Top Five

Weight Loss Myths

Below you will find our top five least favorite weight loss myths.

Carbs Make You Fat

Carbs Make You Fat Weight Loss Myths

First weight loss myth: carbs make you fat.

♥ No, neither sugar nor carbohydrates will make you gain body fat. Eating too many calories does.

♥ However, you should limit your intake of simple carbs and cut out as much sugar as possible.

♥ Empty calories are never ideal when dieting and should be avoided like the black plague. You already know this.

Eating 6 Meals a Day

Weight Loss Myths About Eating 6 Meals a Day

Second weight loss myth: eating 6 meals a day will rev up your metabolism.

Wrong. There is a light metabolic rise after eating foods, but nothing substantial enough to boast or write home about.

Plus, the food you eat will always negate the thermogenic effect caused by digestion anyway.

♥ The process of forcing you to eat smaller meals and a little thing called portion control (causing a reduction in calories) is the real reason this works for so many.

Night Eating

Weight Loss Myths About Late Night Eating

Third weight loss myth: don't eat anything after 8pm.

This myth drives me nuts and makes me a little hungry at the same time.

Eating late at night does not, and I repeat, does not make you gain weight. Eating too many calories does.

Your body burns calories on a 24-hour basis, so you can eat as late as you need.

♥ Your only limitation should be calories, calories, and calories.

However, with that said, last night when you awoke to binge on Ben and Jerry's Butter Pecan Ice Cream, you blew your total calorie intake for that 24-hour period.

Negative Calorie Food

Weight Loss Myths About Negative Calorie Foods

Fourth weight loss myth: consume some negative calorie foods, lose some weight.

Negative calorie foods only exist in "Wonder Wonderland".

I hate to be the bearer of reality for all those that enjoy flying around with Peter Pan on weekends and looking for foods that turn back time and make you slender. But there is no such thing whatsoever.

♥ There is no food that deducts calories for just eating them according to science.

Maybe if you eat enough pickled eggs that you get sick enough to vomit. Would that be considered a negative calorie food? .

Fasted Exercise

Fasted Exercise Weight Loss Myths

Fifth weight loss myth: skipping breakfast to exercise while your body is fasting for faster weight loss.

Sure, just drink some coffee to break the lethargic feelings you are having while starving and running your butt off.

This may work for some, but running on empty typically leads to you burning fewer calories regardless of the exercise you are taking part in.

♥ For the best calorie burn, you should eat one to three hours before any exercise. It's simple; fuel up and you will burn more calories.

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