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How to Do

How to Do Hack Squat Machine

No excessive tension in front of pelvis, hamstrings in the back of the upper thigh, and/or calves.

Must be able to perform classic squats with proper posture.


Beginning Hack Squat Machine

Begin by adjusting the width and height of the shoulder pads.

Your feet should be parallel, shoulder-width apart ahead and pointing straight.

Prepare to keep your knees over your toes when the squat begins.


Hack Squat Machine Movement

1. Contract lower back, and shoulder blades.

2. Squeeze the weight release handle, and lower the frame until your knees are at 90 degrees.

3. Release the weight release handle.

4. With weight engaged, breathe out, stand up until knees are straight.

5. Breathing in, squatting back down to original position, repeat.


Hack Squat Machine Benefits

Improves strength and definition in the quadriceps top of the upper thigh.

Improves strength and definition in the hamstrings at the bottom of the upper thigh.

Exercise Aliases

Free Motion Machine Squats, How To Use Free Motion Machine, Controlled Squats, Squat Variations.

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