Tapeworm Diet: Cestoda, Hymenolepis, Does It Work and Safety? Losing Weight With the Risk of Death and Other Dangerous Side Effects

Tapeworm Diet

What is the effectiveness of the hymenolepis (tapeworm) diet? How safe is it?

The Review

The Hymenolepis Diet

Yes, you read that correctly. There is such a thing, although currently use of this diet is officially banned in the US. Quite right, too, for not only has this got to be the most extreme form of dieting, but it is also the most grotesque, and, most importantly, dangerous.

What Is It?

What Is the Hymenolepis Diet?

For those who don’t know, a tapeworm is a parasite. It is most found in raw meat and infected feces. It causes painful illness in humans and can result in death, especially if it gets into the brain, which is highly possible.

The Claims

The Hymenolepis Diet Claims

For dieting, the main principle is simple. You swallow the tapeworm, which can be quite long, and wait for it to wander through to your digestive system where it stays to have some free lunch, eating at your expense.

♥ The theory is the tapeworm will be sharing your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, thereby helping you to get rid of some calories.

♥ In other words, you can eat as much as you like because you have got a partner in crime inside you sharing the eating workload and helping you to shift those excess calories.

The Dangers

The Hymenolepis Diet Dangers

♥ But also deadly. That’s because your body will immediately look to fend off this foreign invasion causing a war of nutrition.

As your body tries to propel the invasion, the tapeworm may look to decamp, and make its way into your bloodstream, which can then lead to your brain, which, let’s face it, is not really where you want it to be, and is where you will not be able to get rid of it.

Although it is fair to say having a tapeworm inside you will help you lose weight, it is also definitely the riskiest diet you can try.

Although this diet is banned in many countries, anyone wishing to pursue this course of action can make their way to Mexico where it is currently available for $1,500 a shot. Although after taking the course of treatment it might be you who wishes they had been shot for trying it.

The Verdict

The Hymenolepis Diet Verdict

As one intelligent person bluntly put it, why pay $1,500 for the treatment when you can simply lick a dog’s bum and get a free tapeworm.

I dare say this is a diet fit for those who enjoy the frolics of Johnny Knox and the Jackass TV crew. Or is this one stunt that even they would not contemplate?

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