Sacred Heart Diet Review: Pros, Cons and What You Should Eat, Can Eating This Cabbage Soup Diet Actually Work?

Sacred Heart Diet

Review of the sacred heart weight loss plan: including benefits and drawbacks, what you should consume, another cabbage soup diet?

The Review

The Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan Review

The Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan is much like the Cabbage Soup Diet as it relies on soup as its main component at mealtimes, with a combination of other foods to supplement it. For some reason it got its name from the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital but in fact has no link to the place whatsoever, and probably only acquired the name because the hospital used to treat overweight heart patients.

The Claims

The Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan Claims

When you consider that those promoting the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan claim you will lose 10-17 pounds in the first week, you can see why it was linked to the heart-healthy hospital.

Weight Loss

Does the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan Work for Weight Loss?

♥ As for the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan itself, it is essentially no more than another low-calorie diet that in the long run is hard to sustain over time as a regular healthy diet.

In other words, you are talking about soup every day, which let’s face it, can only get boring within a very short amount of time.

Sometimes these diets start sounding good, and doable, but in the end just become depressingly boring.

This Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan is not bad from a nutritional point of view, as the soup is combined with a different important food every day, for instance brown rice for all of one day, and then maybe just fruits the next, so that the vital vitamins, and minerals, and fiber will be ingested, and broken down.

The Verdict

The Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan Verdict

However, it takes a tough will to stick to such a diet or to make it work, and can lead to frustration, and even a negative reaction to healthy eating as people have been known to throw in the towel, and simply give up trying to eat healthily.

Eating should be fun, and enjoyable, not a pain in the butt, or gut.

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