Assisted Chest Stretch Static Seated


How to Do

How to Do Assisted Chest Stretch Static Seated

Apply gentle pressure towards the back, until the first resistance barrier is felt.

Hold for 20-30 seconds, repeat 2-3 times.


Beginning Assisted Chest Stretch

1. Sit on a bench or chair.

2. Be certain the core is engaged.

3. Place hands as pictured, maintaining a neutral spine.

4. Partners should place their hands on your elbows as pictured.


Assisted Chest Stretch Movement

1. Put your hands up behind your head, use your 10-20 percent strength to pull your elbows together and exhale.

2. Do an isometric hold and open all the way up so that a second variation of the exercise would simply be moving the elbows out further toward your elbow that will make the stretch a little bit deeper.


Assisted Chest Stretch Benefits

This exercise improves flexibility of the chest.


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