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Lateral Box Jump on Single Leg


How to Do

How to Do Lateral Box Jump on Single Leg

No excessive tension in calves/back of lower leg.

Should be able to dominate the jump with the thighs/calves, and not the lower back and arms.

Should currently be able to perform a stable landing with two feet.

Lateral coordination and balance.

Should be able to stand on one foot with decent balance.

Should be able to perform without too much instability in your knee.


Beginning Side Box Jump Exercise

1. Squat down while swinging your arms back. Swing arms forward quickly and jump sideways off both feet. Land on one foot on the box.

2. Land on the ball of your foot with your toes straight, using your calf to stabilize the landing.

3. Hold the landing in a bent knee position for two seconds, then step off and repeat on the same leg. When one leg is complete, switch feet.


Box Jumps Exercise Movement

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing straight laterally in front of a plyometric/stepper box, chest-high, shoulders back.


Lateral Box Jump Exercise Benefits

Improved speed and vertical jumping ability.

Improved ability to absorb impact in the joints and land safely.

Improved balance through lateral movement.

Exercise Aliases

Single-Leg Lateral Box Jump, How To Perform A Lateral Box Jump, Single-leg Lateral Jumps, Lateral Box Push-Offs, Lateral Box Jumps.

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