Standing Cable Crossover


How to Do

How to Do Standing Cable Crossover

Good control of your lumbopelvic-hip complex with an adequate amount of flexibility throughout your hips and shoulders.

You must be capable of completing this exercise without any compensation.


Beginning Cable Crossover Chest

1. Draw in your belly button towards your spine.

2. Maintain proper postural alignment throughout this movement.

3. Begin by bringing your hands together towards the middle.

4. Make sure that you don't arch your back and that your feet are flat on the floor.

5. Face forward at all times.


Cable Crossover Chest Movement

1. Adjust the cable arms so that they are slightly above your shoulder level.

2. Stand in a staggered stance position.

3. Grip the bars so that your palms are facing down, align your wrist and elbows with your shoulders.


Cable Crossover Chest Benefits

Improves stability throughout your total body with an added emphasis on your chest and shoulders.

Exercise Aliases

How To Do Cable Crossovers, Cable Machine Crossover, Cable Cross


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