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Thoracic Extension Foam Roller: SMR


How to Do

How to Do Foam Rolling Mobility Thoracic Spine

This flexibility exercise is good for those who have tightness in the shoulders and the middle back muscles.

Be sure to maintain good form throughout this stretch. If any pain is experienced, immediately stop this exercise.


Beginning Thoracic Spine Foam Rolling

Lie down on a foam roller. Position the foam roller beneath the shoulder blades. Bend both arms, placing the hands behind the head. Suck in the abdomen drawing the navel towards the spine. Bend the knees at a right angle and position the feet shoulder-width apart. Squeeze the hips together. Maintain this form throughout the stretch.


Foam Thoracic Spine Foam Rolling

1. Slowly lift the hips off the floor.

2. Roll down on the foam roller until a tender spot is found in the middle back.

3. Rest there until the tenderness is relieved significantly. Then roll to another spot in need of relief.


Thoracic Spine Foam Rolling Benefits

Rhomboids-SMR is a beginner stretch that relieves tightness and improves the range of motion in the shoulders and middle back.

Exercise Aliases

Foam Roller - Rhomboids, Rhomboid Stretching Exercises, Rhomboids Strengthening Exercises, Foam Roller Thoracic, Roller Thoracic Spine, Foam Roller Exercises.

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