Standing Half Moon Yoga Pose


How to Do 

How to Do Standing Half Moon Yoga Pose

This yoga exercise may be performed by healthy exercisers who are able to extend the arms overhead and perform a side bend without pain or physical limitations.

Keep the hips and trunk from rotating throughout the movement. Be certain to perform this exercise as long as the good form may be maintained throughout. If you experience any pain, immediately discontinue this exercise.


Beginning Half Moon Yoga Pose

Stand tall with both feet hip-width apart. Extend both arms overhead keeping the elbows close to the ears. If possible, clasp the hands together. Suck in the tummy in an attempt to make the navel touch the spine.


Half Moon Yoga Pose Movement

1. Inhale deeply. As you exhale, slowly bend the trunk over to your right and then hold this position for 3-6 deep breaths. Inhale deeply. Exhale and bend over to the left side. Hold this stretch for 3-6 breaths and return to the starting position.


Half Moon Yoga Pose Benefits

Standing Half-Moon is a beginner exercise that increases flexibility in the shoulders and spine.


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