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How to Do

How to Do Straight Leg Crunches from Heel to Toe

This exercise may be performed by anyone who has no injuries or restrictions in the movement of the CORE muscles.

You want to be sure at all times that you're not exerting pressure on the neck and head so as to cause the chin to curl toward the chest.

Always support the neck and keep the eyes focused on the ceiling.

Also, maintain the sucked-in tummy and keep the hips squeezed together throughout the exercise.

Discontinue this exercise when unable to maintain proper form any longer. Without proper form, this exercise becomes both unsafe and ineffective.


Beginning Straight Leg Crunches from Heel to Toe

1. Lay down on the floor using a flat exercise mat, if needed.

2. Place the left heel on top of the right toe. To support the neck, bend the left arm and place its hand at the base of your neck.

3. Raise the right arm up overhead and perpendicular to the body. It should be pointing toward the ceiling.

4. Suck in the tummy, drawing the belly button towards the spine.

5. Squeeze the hips together. Hold this posture throughout this exercise.


Straight Leg Crunches from Heel to Toe Movement

1. Inhale while keeping the eyes focused on the ceiling. Lift both shoulders off the floor.

2. Exhale while lifting the shoulders. Hold this position briefly while squeezing the tummy muscles.

3. Slowly return to the original position before continuing with the rest of the repetitions.

4. Switch the feet, place the right heel on top of the left toe, and support the neck with the right hand while the left arm extends overhead.

5. Suck in the tummy and squeeze the hips. Then repeat the sequence for the desired number of repetitions. Challenge yourself without overexerting yourself.


Straight Leg Crunches from Heel to Toe Benefits

The Abdominal Crunch Heel on Toe is a beginner's exercise designed to strengthen all of the CORE muscles, including lower abdominals, side muscles, and muscles of the low back.

This exercise also improves core stability.

Exercise Aliases

How To Do Heel on Toe Crunches, Heel to Toe Crunches, Heel on Top of Toe, Abs Workout

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