Resistance Band Bent Over Row


How to Do

How to Do Resistance Band Bent-over Row

Be sure the tube or band you are using is not too strong and is the appropriate length to avoid injury.


Beginning Resistance Band Bent-over Row

While holding your band firmly in both hands, bend your knees. Bend your torso over slightly and step on the band with both feet. The band should have moderate resistance because of your foot positioning. Keep your arms fully extended and do not pull on the bands until the exercise begins.


Resistance Band Bent-over Row Movement

1. Once you are securely on the band in the correct position, pull each handle upwards towards your sides.

2. Once you have pulled the handles up to as close to chest level as flexibility will allow, slowly let the handles return down and repeat the movement.


Resistance Band Bent-over Row Benefits

It isolates the back muscles, lats, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings, making it an excellent tool for strengthening and stabilizing the shoulder, as well as strengthening the core and developing a neurological link.


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