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Revolved Side Angle Pose


How to Do

How to Do Pose with a Revolved Side Angle

Step to the side with the left foot until the feet are approx. 3 feet apart.


Beginning Pose with a Revolved Side Angle

Start in a standing position.


Pose with a Revolved Side Angle Movement

1. Turn the right foot so that it faces the front.

2. Keep the left foot at a position of 90 degrees to the front foot.

3. Raise the arms to shoulder level with full extension at the elbows.

4. Maintain this position with the arms.

5. Lunge into the right leg until the leg is at approx. 90 degrees at the knee joint.

6. Perform a side bend to the right and rotate to allow the left hand to reach to the floor just outside of the right foot.

7. Bring the left foot heel up off the floor and rotate the foot to face the front to avoid unnecessary torque on the left knee.

8. Hold this position for 3 to 6 breaths.

9. Repeat the entire movement for the opposite side.


Pose with a Revolved Side Angle Benefits

Revolved Side Angle can improve flexibility, balance, mobility, and strength.

Exercise Aliases

Parivrtta Parsvakonasana, Poses Revolved Side, Extended Side Angle Pose.

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