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How to Do

How to Do Standing on One Leg, Calf Raise

Should have a strong core.

Should be able to perform basic calf extension without excessive outward rotation of the foot.

Should have good balance on the balls of your feet.

Should have good balance on one foot.

Keep hips straight and one foot raised while performing extension.

Should be able to perform dual leg calf extension without excessive outward rotation before attempting single leg calf extension.


Beginning Standing on One Leg

1. Stand with your chest high and shoulders back.

2. Line your feet up evenly, with your toes straight.

3. Raise one leg, but be sure not to obstruct the movement of the primary foot.


Standing on One Leg Movement

1. While keeping posture properly aligned and one foot elevated, raise the heel of the primary foot off the floor and hold at the top for 1 second while breathing out.

2. Lower slowly while breathing in, repeat.

3. Intensity and range of motion can be increased by performing on the edge of a step ledge.


Standing on One Leg Benefits

Isolates and strengthens the muscles primarily responsible for extending the foot.

Improves balance in the lower body.

Exercise Aliases

How To Do a Single Raise Calf Raise, Leg Raise Stand, Calf Raise Technique

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