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Supine Hamstring Stretch Assisted


How to Do

How to Do Supine Hamstring Stretch Assisted

Draw the belly button inward.

While the partner is supporting the lower leg with their hands, slowly extend the knee until tension is felt.

Make sure that there is no movement at the pelvis.


Beginning Supine Hamstring Stretch

1. Lie down on your back and flex the hip and knee to 90 degrees.

2. Your lower back must remain in neutral.


Supine Hamstring Stretch Movement

1. Lay down on the floor, lift your 1 foot up and focus on the down leg to create better separation between your legs.


Supine Hamstring Stretch Benefits

Preventing lower back pain. Tight hamstrings reduce the mobility of the pelvis, which can put pressure on the lower back.

Reducing injuries.

Increasing flexibility.

Improving posture.

Exercise Aliases

Assisted Hamstring Stretch, Hamstring Stretch in Supine.

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