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Supine Hamstring Stretch Assisted, Active Isolated


How to Do

How to Do Supine Hamstring Stretch Assisted, Active Isolated

Partner should place one hand behind your ankle and one hand over the top of your knee.


Beginning Supine Hamstring Stretch

Lie down on your back facing up.


Supine Hamstring Stretch Movement

1. Lift your leg until stretch is felt or you see compensation.

2. It is helpful to stabilize the opposite leg so it does not externally rotate, and the pelvis does not shift.


Supine Hamstring Stretch Benefits

This exercise improves flexibility of the chest.

Preventing lower back pain. Tight hamstrings reduce the mobility of the pelvis, which can put pressure on the lower back. Reducing injuries.

Increasing flexibility.

Improving posture.

Exercise Aliases

Hamstring Stretch Assisted, Hamstring Stretch Assisted Active Isolated.

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