Thoracic Spine Stretch Foam Roller


How to Do

How to Do Thoracic Spine Stretch Foam Roller

This exercise is best for those who have adequate stability and flexibility in the spine. Those who have rounded shoulders or whose heads lean forward excessively should use stretching exercises to correct these issues before attempting this exercise.

Maintain good form throughout this exercise. Be aware of how your body responds to this exercise. Should any pain or discomfort be encountered during this exercise, discontinue it immediately.


Beginning Thoracic Spine Stretches Foam Roller

Prepare to roll the shoulders back and keep them pressed down.


Thoracic Spine Stretches Foam Roller Movement

1. Lie down and center the spine on a foam roller. Suck in the tummy in an attempt to make the navel touch the spine. Bend both knees at right angles. Ensure that both feet are firmly planted on the floor at a distance no wider than the hips. Extend both arms out to either side of the body at shoulder height. Keep the palms face up. Relax for the desired period of time.


Thoracic Spine Stretches Foam Roller Benefits

Foam Roll Spinal Correction Stretch is an intermediate exercise that improves flexibility in the spine.


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