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Warding Series Medium Ward Back Step


How to Do

How to Do Warding Series Medium Ward Back Step

Start with the feet shoulder width apart, looking straight ahead.


Beginning Warding Series

1. Stand tall with adequate stability throughout the kinetic chain.

2. Keep the knees slightly bent and the gaze towards the horizon.

3. Allow the body to rhythmically flow throughout this movement.


Warding Series Movement

1. Bend the knees into a quarter squat and place your opened hands together in a medium height position (as shown).

2. The idea is to maintain ''sustained pressure'' against the resisting object (in this case, the trainer).

3. In an alternating pattern, step one leg back, return leg and alternate (as shown).

4. Remember, the distance of your step is determined by your threshold of function (in other words, your neuromuscular control).

5. If there is pain, loss of balance, of altered neuromuscular control, reduce your range of motion or change your plane of motion.


Warding Series Benefits

Engages the body's stability mechanism.

Exercise Aliases

Warding Series Medium Ward Back.

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