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Kettlebell Lunges With Woodchop


How to Do

How to Do Kettlebell Lunges With Woodchop

Keeping feet parallel, lunge opposite to kettlebell leg, moving forward in an open diagonal position.


Beginning Woodchop Kettlebell Lunges

1. Stand with feet together and the kettlebell in the "rack" position, bent arm resting against the trunk and the palm towards the midline to create a triangle. The second side hand is clasped over the other.


Woodchop Kettlebell Lunges Movement

1. Move the upper body in a chopping motion and swing the kettlebell outside of the lunging knee.

2. Pivoting at hip, incline trunk to absorb bell.

3. Drive front leg down to reaccelerate to start position.


Woodchop Kettlebell Lunges Benefits

The cable woodchop targets the transverse abdominis muscle and the oblique muscles. These are the muscles that allow you to twist at the waist and to swing a bat or racket using the weight of your body and not just your arms. The woodchop lunge also engages the muscles of your back, shoulders, and legs.

Exercise Aliases

Transverse Plane Kettlebell, Cable Wood Chop.

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