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How to Do

How to Do Incline-decline Cable Chest Press in Standing Position With Split Stance

Advanced core strength and good frontal plane stability that follows through the kinetic chain.

Capable of performing a Forward Lunge and a Standing Cable Press.


Beginning Cable Chest Press in Standing Position

Before starting this exercise, perform a thorough dynamic warm.

Maintain a tall posture throughout this exercise.

Make sure that you also maintain good stability through the abdominal muscles and neutral spine angles.


Cable Chest Press in Standing Position Movement

1. Position cable arms so that one is higher for a decline press and the other is lower for an incline press.

2. Stand with your legs split, keeping your knees slightly bent. Your lead leg will be on the same side as the lower cable arm. Your back leg will only have your toe touching the ground.

3. Keep elbows high throughout this exercise

4. Press arms forward and perform a declined press towards your lead leg and an incline press with your opposite arm

5. Return hands back to starting position and then repeat movement


Cable Chest Press in Standing Position Benefits

This exercise will train your dynamic stability in the shoulders and upper body region while using all the core muscles for added support.

Increases overall strength and stability.

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