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How to Do

How to Do Kneeling Cable Crunch

This exercise may be performed by any beginner exerciser who has no physical limitations.

Concentrate all movement in the core muscles.

Keep the arms, neck, and shoulders stable. Check body alignment in between each repetition.

To increase the intensity of this exercise, try increasing the amount of repetitions and/or amount of weight lifted.


Beginning Cable Crunches While Kneeling

1. Kneel in front of the machine.

2. Take the hand straps in both hands. Keep the arms close to the body.

3. Suck in the tummy by drawing the belly button in toward the spine.

4. Squeeze the hips together. Hold this posture throughout the exercise.


Cable Crunches While Kneeling Movement

1. Slowly curl the spine forward so that the chest draws near the pelvis.

2. Bend forward as far as possible comfortably.

3. Bring yourself back to the starting position, rest, and then continue until you've completed all the repetitions.


Cable Crunches While Kneeling Benefits

The Kneeling Weighted Crunches on a Freemotion or cable machine are beginner strength exercises for all of the CORE.

Exercise Aliases

Cable Kneeling Crunch, Kneeling Cable Crunch, Cable Crunch, Free Motion Machine Exercises.

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