Lateral Step Ups


How to Do

How to Do Lateral Step Ups

No excessive tension in front of pelvis, hamstrings back of the upper thigh, and or calves.

Must be comfortable on one leg foot.

Should be able to maintain level pelvis hips and keep foot straight on stepper platform.


Beginning Lateral Step Ups

Set the stepper height so that your knee begins the stepping movement at 90 degrees.

Begin in a standing position that faces 90 degrees away from the front of the stepper.

Keep your core tight, shoulders back and chest high.


Lateral Step Ups Movement

1. Brace your lower back, place foot 90 degrees off center on stepping platform/stepper.

2. Breathing out, step up with one leg until knee is straight.

3. Breathing in, slowly return to the original position at the bottom of the stepper.

4. If you cannot perform movement without arching your lower back, reduce weight and continue.

5. Progression: When you feel comfortable with this movement, and you are able to perform many repetitions in a row, add weight in the form of dumbbells, cables, bands, barbell.


Lateral Step Ups Benefits

Improves strength definition in Quadriceps front of the upper thigh.

Improves strength definition in Hamstrings back of the upper thigh.

Improves one-legged balance stability.

Improves lateral movement stability.


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