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How to Do

How to Do Overhead Squat with a Medicine Ball

Absence of shoulder pain.

No excessive tension in shoulder joints.

No excessive tension in calves and lower back.


Beginning Overhead Squat with a Medicine Ball

1. Extend the medicine ball directly in front of your body with arms almost straight, slight bend in the elbows.

2. Begin the exercise at the bottom of a classic squat.


Overhead Squat with a Medicine Ball Movement

1. Standing up out of a squat while breathing out, extend arms up over your head while keeping arms straight.

2. Lower arms and return to the bottom while breathing in.


Overhead Squat with a Medicine Ball Benefits

Improves full body strength.

Improves full body definition.

Improves coordination between shoulders and hips.

Improves full body power production.

Exercise Aliases

Medicine Ball Squats, Squats with Medicine Ball Exercise, Doing squats with a Medicine Ball, Medicine Ball Squat Exercises, Medicine Ball Squat with Overhead Lift.

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