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How to Do

How to Reach with a Deep Overhead Squat

The deep overhead squat and reach should begin with good posture to avoid injury. Brace the spine by drawing your lower abdomen inward. Your core muscles should be activated to support your posture as you perform the exercise.

If any pain is experienced, immediately stop the deep overhead squat and reach.


Beginning Reach with a Deep Overhead Squat

Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes angled slightly outward. As if you were ready to perform a back squat, place the barbell over the back of your shoulders, resting on your traps. Position your hands slightly wider than they would be for a back squat to bring them closer to the weighted plates.


Reach with a Deep Overhead Squat Movement

1. Place a foam roller or long block of a step platform on the ground. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, with your heels up on the roller or block. Your heels should be elevated by about 2 inches.

2. Make sure that your spine is lifted and your head is in line with your shoulders, hips, knees, and heels. Tighten up your abdominals, then bend your knees slightly and fold at the hips with your hands reaching for the ground between your legs. Hold this position, and slowly lower your hips down towards your heels so that you're in a full squat. When you are in the correct position, your hips will be lower than your knees.

3. Now raise one arm from the ground and reach it toward the ceiling. Your arms should be fully extended. Raise your head and look at the arm. Pause for a moment, then bring the arm back down to the ground, and repeat with the other arm.

4. Make sure that when in the full squat position, your back remains straight. At no point should your arch or round your back.


Reach with a Deep Overhead Squat Benefits

Perform this exercise at home or in the gym.

This exercise will improve your stability and balance, but will most importantly improve your flexibility and range of motion, especially in the lower body.

Exercise Aliases

Platform Squat, Elevated Heel Squat, How To Do a Deep Squat with Overhead Reach, One Arm Overhead Reach Exercise.

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