How to Do

How to Do a Tip-toe Squat With an Overhead Reach With Medicine Ball

Start with a LIGHT medicine ball and perfect the movement before adding more load.


Beginning Tip-toe Squat With Overhead Reach

Begin with the feet shoulder width apart, pointing straight ahead - medicine ball in front of the pelvis, arms straight (as shown).


Tip-toe Squat With Overhead Reach Movement

1. Squat down to a comfortable depth without compensations, maintaining the same arm position.

2. Simultaneously, slowly squat up to the tip toes and flex the shoulder so the straight arms move above the head.

3. In this position, reach up with the entire body as much as is comfortable.

4. Slowly lower.


Tip-toe Squat With Overhead Reach Benefits

This exercise is about building stability. It can also improve balance.


Watch and correct: knees collapsing in, feet externally rotating, excessive forward bend in the trunk, and excessive inward curving of the lower back when the arms are above the head.

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