Reverse Cable Curl


How to Do

How to Do Reverse Cable Curl

Grab an EZ Bar (you can also use a straight bar).


Beginning Reverse Wrist Curls

1. Stand up upright, the only thing that should be moving are those forearms as you bring the cable up.

2. Your elbows should stay tucked in and they shouldn't be moving all over the place.

3. To get started, you will need hand-held weights like a weighted barbell.


Reverse Wrist Curls Movement

1. Lean forward when sitting on a flat bench.

2. Take an overhand grip on a dumbbell (palms down) and rest your forearms on the bench or your knees.

3. Curl the weight upward using only your wrists (i.e. wrist motion alone), inhaling the entire time.

4. Slowly drop the weight to a comfortable level, inhaling the entire time.

5. Steps 3–4 can be repeated as many times as required.


Reverse Wrist Curls Benefits

This exercise isolates the muscles in the forearms, it improves the strength of muscle in the forearms.

For those aiming to bulk up and improve their forearm muscles, the dumbbell reverse wrist curl is a popular alternative. For the vast majority of exercisers, this exercise targets the top side or brachioradialis muscle, which is severely underdeveloped.


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