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Barbell Single Leg Romanian Deadlift


How to Do

How to Do Barbell Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Position the bar over the top of your shoelaces and assume a hip width stance.


Beginning Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

1. Begin the RDL by lifting one foot, unlocking your knee, and slowly hinging back into your hip.

2. Push through the floor and extend the hip as you return to the starting position.

3. Reset and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.


Single Leg Romanian Deadlift Movement

1. Maintain a lofty and taut posture (imagine holding your body in a plank, only standing).

2. By pressing equally through your toes and heel, root the foot of your right leg into the floor.

3. Your right knee should be bent slightly.

4. Maintain tension in your upper body, balance throughout the movement, and keep your shoulders square by extending your right arm to the side and making a fist.

5. Slowly hinge at the hips and reach your glutes toward the back wall.

6. Lower your torso forward and then down as you hinge your hips, being careful not to bring your torso past parallel with the floor.

7. Allow your left leg to rise only as high as it feels comfortable while maintaining a neutral spine.

8. Maintain a square posture with your hips and shoulders (i.e., facing directly in front of you throughout the whole movement).

9. Return to standing by exhaling with a tension breath and pressing your right foot into the floor while extending your hips.

10. Rep on the opposite side.


Single Leg Romanian Deadlift Benefits

Helps to correct/eliminate any asymmetries and/or imbalances between one limb and the other.

The Romanian deadlift is a unilateral lower-body exercise that can enhance hamstring and glute health, hip joint function, and hamstring engagement, all of which can have a good impact on bilateral strength, power, and health.

Exercises Aliases

Barbell Single Leg, Single Leg Barbell Romanian, Barbell Single Leg Romanian.

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