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How to Do

How to Do Single Leg Press With a Stability Ball

Should be able to perform movement with a stable mid-section.

No excessive tension in hamstrings and or quadriceps.

Maintain balance while performing the one leg version.

Should be comfortable performing dual leg versions.


Beginning SB Leg Press Exercise Using Single Leg

Lie face up on a swiss stability ball with knee slightly bent, and other leg up.


SB Leg Press Exercise Using Single Leg Movement

1. Bend your knee and lower your body while breathing in and rolling down the ball.

2. Squeeze the glute butt while breathing out and return to a straight position on the ball.


SB Leg Press Exercise Benefits

Quadricep strengthening.

Quadricep definition.

Hamstring strengthening.

Hamstring definition.

Hip stabilization.

Improved balance.

Exercise Aliases

Stability Ball Leg Exercises, How to Do a Leg Press Without a Machine, Lying Down Leg Press, Leg Exercises With Stability Ball.

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