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Barbell Front Squat Crossed Arms


How to Do

How to Do Front Squat with Barbell Crossed Arms

Be sure to position your head up over your shoulders and shoulders in line with your hips, i.e. neutral spine.


Beginning Barbell Front Squat

Stand with feet pointed STRAIGHT AHEAD with a barbell placed comfortably on the top of the shoulder musculature.


Barbell Front Squat Movement

1. From the start position, draw your belly button inward toward your spine.

2. Maintaining tone in the deep abdomen, descend slowly by bending at the knees and hips.

3. During the descent, maintain weight distribution between the midfoot and heels. Do not allow the feet to cave inward or shift outward.

4. While maintaining tone in the lower abdomen and optimal kinetic chain alignment, “drive” through the feet extending the ankle, knee, and hip joints while your weight is evenly distributed between heels and midfoot. Do not allow body weight to shift toward the toes.

5. The knees should track over the second and third toes.

6. Perform downward reps slowly and concentrate on the descent and the squat position alignment of your body.

7. Descend as far as you can control. Partial squats should progress to full squats as neuromuscular efficiency improves.


Barbell Front Squat Benefits

The front squat with a barbell is a resistance exercise that targets multiple major muscle groups. It's a compound exercise that can help you create muscular thighs, a strong lower back, and firm abdominal muscles by improving core strength and flexibility.

Exercise Aliases

Front Barbell Squat, Front Squat with Barbell.

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