Hammer Strength Chest Press


How to Do

How to Do Hammer Strength Chest Press

Consider seat height, with the seat height lift the seat up, pull it to your desired height and make sure it is secured in place.


Beginning Hammer Strength Chest Press

1. Lay back on the end of the bench, with the handles just below shoulder height. When benching, the handles should be in the same position as the bar.

2. Inhale and bring your shoulder blades together on the bench with your palms on the handles.

3. As you exhale, press the handles to extension while keeping the shoulder blades tight.

4. Rep until you've completed the appropriate number of repeats.


Hammer Strength Chest Press Movement

1. Keep that chin up and chest high, stomach braced and shoulders down, push out and away so the elbows follow the line and the handle to top range and then control back down to the line of the torso.

2. Push out in the way so the elbows follow the line of the handle to top range and control back to the line of the torso.

3. Repeat.


Hammer Strength Chest Press Benefits

Increase the strength of the core rotational muscles that stabilize the spine and can be use in powerful pushing or rotational movements.


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