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Seated Cable Lat Pulldown,


How to Do

How to Do Seated Lat Cable Pulldown Exercise

Depending on the bar type used at your gym, grip the bar tightly with both hands perpendicular to the bar. Be sure your grip is not too close together or too spread apart as this puts unneeded stress on your wrists. Depending on which you find more comfortable, you can use an overhand or underhand grip. Also, be sure to keep your head in a neutral position and not let it protrude forward anytime during the lift as that can cause stress on your neck and spine.


Beginning Lat Cable Pulldown While Seated

Once you find a comfortable grip, depending on the machine, lean slightly backward so that when you begin to pull the bar downward it will come in front of you towards the top of your chest.


Lat Cable Pulldown While Seated Movement

1. From the starting position described, draw your navel or belly button towards your spine to tighten your core for stabilization.

2. Be sure to keep a natural spine alignment and slowly begin to pull the bar straight downward.

3. Once you have pulled the bar down as close to your chest as your flexibility allows, pause for a second and let the weight begin to rise back upwards in a controlled motion.

4. Repeat this movement while always maintaining a slow and controlled speed.


Cable Pulldown While Seated Benefits

The lat pull-down is an excellent exercise for strengthening the latissimus dorsi muscle, which is the broadest muscle in your back and promotes good posture and spinal stability. Form is essential when performing a lat pull-down to avoid injury and achieve the best results.

Exercise Aliases

Cable Lat Pull-down Form, Front Lat Pull-down Exercise, Seated Cable Pulldown Benefits, Proper Lat Pull-down Form, Pull-down Exercise, Lat Pull Down.

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