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Single Leg Glute Bridge, Leg Lock


How to Do

How to Do Single Leg Glute Bridge, Leg Lock

This exercise may be performed by healthy exercisers who have adequate CORE strength and flexibility in the lower body.

Be sure to keep the tummy pulled in throughout the exercise.

Do not overextend the hips.

If any pain or discomfort is experienced, discontinue this exercise.


Beginning Single Leg Glute Bridge

Perform active stretching for the legs, hips, and CORE if excessive tightness and weakness persist in these areas.

With both feet flat on the ground, lie down on your back and bend both knees at right angles.

Extend both arms out away from the shoulders in a capital T with palms facing downward.

Suck in the tummy in an effort to make the navel touch the spine.

Draw the right knee up towards the chest until the calf is parallel to the floor.


Single Leg Glute Bridge Movement

1. Press the shoulder blades, arms, and palms against the floor.

2. Raise the hips off the floor lifting the pelvis towards the ceiling until the back is straight.

3. Hold this position briefly and lower hips back to the floor.

4. Continue until you've completed your repetitions before switching sides and repeating the bridge on the opposite leg.


Single Leg Glute Bridge Benefits

Abdominal Bridge-Passive Leg Lock is an intermediate exercise that strengthens and stabilizes the spine, CORE, hips, buttocks, and legs.

Exercise Aliases

How To Do Passive Leg Lock Bridge, Bridge Exercises, Floor Bridge, Leg Cross Bridge

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