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Sit Up Twist


How to Do

How to Do Twist Sit-Up

The twist sit-up should begin with good posture to avoid injury. Brace the spine by drawing your lower abdomen inward. Your core muscles should be activated to support your posture as you perform the exercise.

If any pain is experienced, immediately stop the twist sit-up.


Beginning Twist Sit-Up

1. Lie down on your back, knees slightly bent.

2. Bend to the right, lifting your torso until your left elbow meets your right knee.

3. Rep the exercise on the other side and keep going, increasing the number of repetitions each time.


Twist Sit-Up Movement

1. To lengthen the back of your neck, tuck your chin into your chest.

2. Place your palms down beside your body, cross your arms with your hands on opposite shoulders, or interlace your fingers at the base of your skull.

3. As you move your upper body toward your thighs, exhale.

4. As you carefully lower yourself back to the floor, inhale.


Twist Sit-Up Benefits

Strength in the core.

Better stability and balance.

Improved flexibility.

Exercise Aliases

Twist Sit Up, Twist With Weight, Twisting Sit Up.

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