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Alternating Straight Leg Reverse Crunch


How to Do

How to Do Alternating Straight Leg Reverse Crunch

The alternating straight leg reverse crunch should begin with good posture to avoid injury. Brace the spine by drawing your lower abdomen inward. Your core muscles should be activated to support your posture as you perform the exercise.

If any pain is experienced, immediately stop the alternating straight leg reverse crunch.


Beginning Alternating Straight Leg Reverse Crunch

1. Slowly raise your legs, bending at the knees and bracing your abs, until your knees are directly above your hips and your lower legs are parallel to the floor (bent 90 degrees). This is where you'll begin. Maintain a neutral spine position with a modest natural curvature in the lower back (lumbar) region while keeping the back firmly on the floor by bracing the abdominal muscles.

2. Exhale while contracting your core to curl your hips and knees toward your chest, just lifting your hips off the mat. Throughout this upward phase, keep your knees at the same angle. You should keep your head erect and your neck and shoulders relaxed and on the mat.

3. Inhale and slowly return to the starting posture, keeping your hips on the mat and your knees bent 90 degrees over your hips.


Alternating Straight Leg Reverse Crunch Movement

1. Start off by laying on the ground, flat on your back.

2. Your hands should be to your sides and your shoulders on the ground. Your legs should also be straight ahead with both heels on the ground.

3. From this position, lift one leg so it is straight off of the ground a couple of inches. The other leg is going to lift straight up in the air to have the sole of your foot facing the ceiling.

4. Hold this position for two breaths and then return them back to the starting position. You are going to repeat this process except for alternate legs. The leg that was slightly off the ground will now be straight up in the air.


Alternating Straight Leg Reverse Crunch Benefits

It relieves the tension on your neck.

Crunches are less taxing on your back.

Other core muscles are targeted.

It's simple to set up.

Exercise Aliases

How To Do a Leg Lift Crunch, Leg Raise Crunch, Abs Workout, Reverse Crunches

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