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Double Leg Reverse Crunches With Bent Knee Lying Leg Raises, Get My Free Fitness App


How to Do

How to Do Double Leg Reverse Crunches With Bent Knee Lying Leg Raises

Exercises should not be performed by those who have excessive lower back arch curvature and/or injury.

Special care must be taken to stretch the hips, hip flexors, and spine before attempting this exercise. Spine stability and good core strength are necessary to prevent injury.

Concentrate all movement in the core muscles.

Keep the arms, neck, and shoulders stable.

Make sure that the low back is as neutral as possible.

To make this exercise more challenging, turn the palms facing upward.


Beginning Reverse Crunch on Bent Knees

While lying on the back, extend both arms out to either side of the body into a T-formation.

Draw the knees up toward the chest to form a right angle. The feet should be flexed with the toes pointing at the ceiling.

For extra support, turn the palms of the hands face down on the floor.


Reverse Crunch on Bent Knees Movement

1. Draw the belly button toward the spine.

2. Slowly lower the legs as far as comfortably possible without touching the toes to the floor.

3. Keep the spine as flat as possible throughout the motion. Return to the starting position.


Reverse Crunch on Bent Knees Benefits

The Abdominals-Supine Lowering is a beginner's exercise that promotes strength in the low back, hips, and lower abdomen while lying down on the back.

Exercise Aliases

Supine Abdominal Exercises, Leg Lowering Exercises, How To Do Supine Leg Lowering, Abdominal Leg Lowering.

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