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How to Do

How to Do Lateral Lunge Exercise With Si Joint Bend

Should have a good balance.

Should be able to perform classic lunges properly.

Should be able to decelerate pain-free.


Beginning Lateral Lunge Exercise

1. Begin with short steps and shallow lunges.

2. Keep chest-high, shoulder blades tight, and core tense.


Lateral Lunge Exercise Movement

1. Lunge laterally sideways, bending your knee and breathing in.

2. Breathe out and extend the knee, hip quickly, returning to the starting position.

3. When you can complete the movement in a safe fluid fashion, increase your range of motion and lunge down further deeper.


Lateral Lunge Exercise Benefits

Improves balance, strength, and coordination in the lower body.

Improves lateral movement ability.

Exercise Aliases

Si Joint Exercises, Exercises to Strengthen Si Joint, Si Joint Mobility Exercises, Lateral Lunge Exercise, How to Do a Lateral Lunge.

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