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How to Do

How to Do Standing Russian Twist Medicine Ball With Box Pattern

To challenge yourself even further, imagine a square box in front of you.

The medicine ball should be used to outline the box in both a clockwise, then counterclockwise, motion.


Beginning Russian Twist Box with Medicine Ball

1. Stand with both feet no wider than shoulder-width apart. Suck in the tummy, drawing the belly button towards the spine.

2. Hold a medicine ball in both hands. Roll the shoulders back and keep them pressed downward throughout the movement phase.


Russian Twist Box with Medicine Ball Movement

1. Keeping the medicine ball in both hands, raise the arms up in front of the body until they are parallel with the floor. Focus the eyes on an object straight ahead.

2. Slowly rotate the shoulders to the right as far as the body will allow. Swing the arms back to the left. Continue swinging the arms from side to side for the desired number of repetitions.

3. Increase in speed and repetitions as the CORE becomes stronger and more stable.


Russian Twist Box with Medicine Ball Benefits

Ensure that the knees do not twist and the feet stay firmly planted.

Keep the chest out and shoulders rolled back and pressed downward.

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