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How to Do

How to Do Medicine Ball Twist from the Core Board

The medicine ball twist from the core board should begin with good posture to avoid injury. Brace the spine by drawing your lower abdomen inward. Your core muscles should be activated to support your posture as you perform the exercise.

If any pain is experienced, immediately stop the medicine ball twist from the core board.


Beginning Medicine Ball Twist from the Core Board

1. Begin by seated with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, the medicine ball held to your chest.

2. Raise your feet off the floor to create a low tabletop. Twist your torso to the right while shifting your knees to the left.

3. Return to the middle, then to the left, with your knees slightly to the right. Knees should not be allowed to contact the floor.

4. Throughout, keep your hips stable and your core taut. Repeat for 8–12 reps on each side.


Medicine Ball Twist from the Core Board Movement

1. Start off by standing up tall on a scoreboard. Feet should be facing straight away, legs shoulder width apart, back straight, and head in a neutral position looking straight ahead.

2. Holding a medicine ball in the middle of your body with both arms at 90 degree angles, you are going to twist with your hips and extend your arms straight to the side of you.

3. Once you extend your arms, bring them back to the starting position and repeat for repetitions.

4. After completion, face the opposite way to work the other side.


Medicine Ball Twist from the Core Board Benefits

Twist boards might help you avoid back injuries by strengthening your core. Physical strength and balance are also aided by a strong core. Twist boards might help you tone up your muscles and lose weight around your stomach.

Exercise Aliases

Exercises With Medicine Ball, Medicine Ball Workouts.

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