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MJ is the founder of Changing Shape. His workout has been recommended by Fitness Magazine and other national publications. He is a 20 year plus certified personal trainer and has helped thousands reach their health and fitness goals.

While working as a trainer and writing a technical paper for his undergraduate degree, MJ found a very exciting study. In it, a group of successful dieters, who used a behavioral based website, had better or equivalent results when compared to face-to-face counseled dieters who followed the same basic plan. At that moment, MJ got the notion to create a behavioral based online personal training program. In 2001, he launched

The website was one of the first online fitness workouts and experienced tremendous growth. Within three years, received national exposure and over 50,000 users subscribed and actively used the system.

MJ later re-launched in 2004 as a paid service only, providing private, online personal training services, strongly behavioral based. The workout involved weekly (sometimes daily) check-ins between the client and a certified trainer, nutrition and exercise workout design based on individual preferences and equipment access, and structured behavioral modification/goal setting compliance.

Wanting to reach more people, in 2015, MJ relaunched, opening up the site to free registrations. Currently, the site includes thousands of workouts, exercises, and diets that can be used free for all users.

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